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How Much Have You Seen? To take it a step further, if an up and coming actress considering a gay role in was concerned the role would have a negative impact on her career, as Dern claimed her role on Ellen did, how would she predict what sort of impact the role could have on her career?

South of Nowhere was a teen show on The N network, with not one, but two queer lady leads. Especially liked Susan and it made a difference when she left in the 2nd season. Tiny waist with big tits. The two of them were close friends when they worked at Bletchley, we already know their backstory because it was explained last series. She has a certain intensity in her friendship towards susan. The bletchley circle lesbian. DA and especially considering how Rachel distances herself from TTV I don't see why she would put any lesbian undertone in this role I'm with the disbeliever.

There has to be a backstory between these two! These are all things that fans look for in an OTP. She could BE a young Diana Rigg! It has no lesbian subtext full stop. As always, flail on fangirl, flail on.

And when a series of seemingly unrelated murders happens, she thinks there is a pattern. I believe it is returning for another series, so let's see if it sheds any more light on their past. Please comment wherever you prefer. Sexy girl in library. The chemistry between Spashley best shipper name ever was palpable, thanks to the delightful and charming actresses Mandy Musgrave and Gabrielle Christian.

But it's still basically delightful, and I have high hopes for the second half of the series. Photo by Tim P. The world in which men snapped their fingers at nameless women demanding coffee or sex is fading, and a new era in which women are ascendant is dawning.

Go to Next Page. South of Nowhere was unfortunately cancelled way too soon after its third season. Now, it makes perfect sense. This time not just in solving the murders, but freeing men wrongly charged for the crimes, and finding the right man.

Millie was definitely in love with Susan, but I'm torn on whether Susan returned that love. Actress Make Up Department Soundtrack. I just caught it on Netflix. R14 It was the '50s. Rob kardashian leaked nude photos of blac chyna. The Bletchley Circle - Smile.

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I could be with him for all eternity, and we certainly would not be bored! Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend? No one questioned them and that freedom was heady. Hot milf outdoor. But still, I really like Anna Maxwell Martin I thought she made an excellent Mrs Darcy in Death Comes to Pemberley at New Year too and I wanted her to stick around to exchange more loaded looks with Millie, and subtextual conversations about how they were supposed to go "travelling" together before Susan met Timothy.

Just started to watch it on Netflix and that's actually the vibe I got too, the unrequited love thing at least from Rachel Stirling's character but it could also be due to the fact that she's one of those women who just seems to have incredibly good chemistry with other women.

Basically, give me all the fic. They're some scenes that made me but yeah I know it's me. This couple has been through breakups and makeups, car accidents, a bizarre musical episode, babies, weddings, plane crashes, serious injuries, yet have somehow managed to endure. The bletchley circle lesbian. I hope you enjoy it! I just finished Broadchurch and I loved it! Jan 12 The actress who played Susan reminded me of the lead actress on "Broadchurch. The only one who really got my attention was Susan.

OP, if you like silly slapstick comedy, you won't go wrong with Miranda - I'm pretty sure I've gotten abs just from laughing way too much. I actually never detected any vibes but when finished watching today Most Popular Tags agent carter - 7 uses books - 94 uses character: Seeing these characters deal with the same issues that regular, everyday gay girls like me did minus the demons and apocalypses, of course really helped me connect to the show as a whole.

I just caught it on Netflix. So Susan commandeers the old group to help her solve yet another puzzle, break yet another code.

You must have a high tolerance for boring men, R The police do not, dismissing her findings.

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I will have to check that fic out and see if I can buy it. I need a lesbian. Qualities that have always drawn me to Mrs. Don't bullshit us about things that aren't there. Members Member 7, Joined: Naomi and Emily, Skins. Racel Stirling sleeping next to another women like that is a throwback to Tipping the Velvet.

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