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She had decided she liked having someone around who was close to being an equal to her but who knew they weren't almost without ever needing to be told or reminded of that fact. Indian lesbian group. This abuse control system is run in accordance with the strict guidelines specified above. Velvet sky lesbian. I bet you've spent night after night dreaming about my hot ass, about how you used to fuck it so good, and how you wish you could fuck it again.

Official Wolves Nation Member and leader of Blackout. Letting go of the base of her strap on and grabbing onto the other side of Velvet's waist Angelina began forcing inch after inch of fake dick into her ex-friend's ass, barely giving her recent enemy a second to pause in between each inch before adding another, the knockouts champion grinning to herself as she made the other woman squirm for her as she filled her rectum with dildo.

Angelina was going to fuck Velvet's ass so hard all Velvet would ever want to be in life is Angelina's bitch. However Velvet wasn't being arrogant, she was the best fuck Angelina had ever had and regardless of what the Canadian's brain might be trying to say every fibre of her body was screaming to accept the offer. Sky would kind of meander around the division from then on, including leaving the company for a long time.

She had forgotten just how skilful Velvet was when it came to pussy eating, the other blonde making Angelina wish they had never parted ways with only a few hard tongue thrusts. Angelina was tempted to try, but she had a better idea. Not for any guy. Now Velvet had to bite her lip to keep herself from begging Angelina to let her be her bitch forever, which wasn't something she got to stop herself from saying for long.

Butt fuck you hard right from the start. Sexy girls and toys. She didn't and as a result of that ultimately she was pushed over the edge, her holes clenching down on Velvet's fingers and tongue respectively as her climax washed over her. She was sick of dealing with it though and it was time to reach her ultimate goal. So let's not be miserable together.

Finally the seemingly endless kissing was momentarily ceased as Velvet's hand reached down for the spot in between Angelina's legs she had been deliberately avoiding, another smile crossing her face as she found that area just as drenched if not more so than she had been expecting it to be thanks to her skilful hands. Velvet Blue loves shagging outside.

Cum and smell Velvet Rose. Fine, Velvet was going to get everything she wished and more. Licking her lips at the sight presented to her Angelina slowly strapped on her harness and looked down at the bottle of lubricant she had in her bedside drawer. As they continued to brutally attack each other with their lips and tongues the two knockouts began running their hands all over each other, Velvet almost immediately going for Angelina's big tits, squeezing a moan out of the other blonde as she squeezed her almost melon sized titties which caused Velvet to smirk into the kiss.

She proved it some more, albeit briefly, when Angelina shoved her tongue into her mouth to retrieve a little bit of that cum, the two knockouts sharing the sweet ambrosia of Velvet's orgasm juices. Ha, you say I want to be your bitch, but really I just want you by my side again. The men were too rough, didn't really know what they were doing and weren't given the chance to really get going.

Blah blah blah, "Representation", blah blah blah, "Social Progress" Then again, maybe she could counter offer. Natasha nice big tit patrol. Velvet couldn't help smirking and moaning as Angelina's fingers skilfully teased her pussy lips, a certain fire for her in the other woman's eyes which she had truly missed, a fire Angelina couldn't have hidden if she tried.

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The men were too rough, didn't really know what they were doing and weren't given the chance to really get going. Angelina turned and headed for the bed, kicking off the last of her clothing as she went.

She knew the smart thing to do was to turn down Velvet's offer. Malayalam sexy girls. Velvet sky lesbian. Angelina scowled at her for a few seconds, and then ordered, "Spread your cheeks. I was always a little bit in love with you, but I never thought you'd feel the same way. It was so delicious that Angelina almost left Velvet stewing in her own juices so she could go get her camera, but that would involve taking her fingers out of the other woman's pussy and since Angelina wasn't prepared to do that she was just going to have to commit the look on Velvet's face to memory.

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She always had been. As far as Velvet knew Angelina hadn't been with any other woman since they had parted ways but the way she was tongue fucking her suggested otherwise. Oct 15, She wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for us and now she thinks she can order me around! Show me what you can do with that dick. Sometimes she would lick her long and soft, others quick and soft, other times long and hard, at times quick and hard, while sometimes keeping thing somewhere in between, constantly keeping Velvet guessing exactly what the next lick was going to be like.

There was another long pause as Angelina thought it over. Hot young girls pussy. In the middle of all those rematches hands began sliding under clothing to squeeze bear flesh, tops and bras getting pushed aside so nipples were easier to tease while panties fell down to join a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans crumpled around a couple of pairs of ankles so a pair of well rounded butts became more fun to feel up. Velvet Skye - Encore mp4. Angelina was going to pound Velvet's pooper until her shit hole was so loose and gaping Angelina could shove the knockouts title and the knockouts tag titles up there, humbling Velvet into a position of submission forever.

Share on Facebook Share. Adblock users get a week free. Blah blah blah, "Representation", blah blah blah, "Social Progress" Maybe this time we could be together, really together.

Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Wolf Hurricane Ron Jeremy. She proved it some more, albeit briefly, when Angelina shoved her tongue into her mouth to retrieve a little bit of that cum, the two knockouts sharing the sweet ambrosia of Velvet's orgasm juices.

Velvet's ass was like a work of art, something others got to look at from a far but Angelina was the one who owned it. These tears quickly vanished though as the throbbing agony her butt was in was quickly soothed away by Angelina's skilled hands. From the moment they met Angelina had known the truth about Velvet, so when Velvet came to her with the idea of teaming up as equals Angelina had been very amused by it.

Been there, fucked that. Nude images of kate mara. If one of us betrays the other we'll get over it, if not maybe we get to live happily ever after together. Everyone from TNA management to the guys cleaning the arena to the fans would know that Velvet Sky does every little thing Angelina Love, whether it's kissing her ass, licking her pussy or bending over to get her ass spanked and fucked.

You know how boring and lonely it can be being a single act around here, never having anyone you can count on to watch your back.

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The Beautiful People would be around on and off for the better part of ten years with Sky being involved more often than any other member. Deep down Velvet had always known she would never be the toughest woman in any half decent women's division, which was one of the reasons she had always latched on to at least one other person to help her get through it, but she had always seen herself as a top Ooooohhhhh, I've missed your fingers inside me baby, I've missed you sliding your fingers inside me and fucking me like only you can.

Found velvet sky porn-videos. Milf free pics. Angelina was going to fuck Velvet's ass so hard all Velvet would ever want to be in life is Angelina's bitch. Wait a couple minutes, I need to deal with the fantasy in my head right now before responding. You can now hide all ads from prontv forever click me. Round tits ass She didn't have to wait long.

Once they had both swallowed Angelina pulled back and pushed Velvet's face into her chest, again the other blonde neither resisting or complaining. Two babes sharing one black cock. Velvet sky lesbian. And why shouldn't she?

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